my story

in the beginning of 2010, i was rushed to hospital after i blacked out after a massive purge, i had been making myself throw up after meals for 5 months. after some tests, they realised that i had completely messed up my body. my organs were failing, especially my kidneys, i had lost my period and i was so underweight. i was 42 kilos at 168cm tall. i was kept in the hospital for 4 months, while they watched me and took care of me. i watch my life disintegrate, i now have scars from needles and tubes and throat is always hurting all because Mia took over my life. in the hospital, i met a girl, Grace with anorexia. I was discharged from hospital in March of 2010 and i have been recovering now for 2 years. Through those two years, my life has been a battle not only with friends and family but the fact that Mia will always be a part of me, and sometimes it’s hard to shut her out. Grace died from her eating disorder and it completely destroyed me. I am still struggling with my weight, because i stacked so much back on. I am now on a journey of weightless, and i’m doing it the healthy way! So this blog is dedicated for those of you who are struggling with eating disorders and for those of you who are trying to slim down and stay fit. it’s not an easy path, but we can do it.

Keep your heads up, we are in this together.